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The Crown Point Press studio is where artists come to work with our printers. In this section of the website you can learn about etching processes that we use here at Crown Point and watch videos of our master printers explaining different intaglio techniques. If you are a printmaker, you can find updated technical information.

Crown Point Press specializes in intaglio printing. To make an intaglio print, the artist makes indentations in the surface of a metal plate. The printer then fills these grooves with ink, wipes the plate surface first with a cloth then with the palm of the hand, and finally covers the plate with a moist sheet of paper and runs it through a printing press. The press molds the paper into the grooves of the plate, and that’s what creates the image in the print.

Read introductions to the processes we use at Crown Point Press.

Find instructions for building and using studio equipment developed at Crown Point.

Tips from the trade can be found in our Questions & Advice column.

Watch a printing demonstrationvideo

Learn definitions of printmaking terms in our Glossary.

The gauge of copper we use it 18 mm.

Browse our printmaking supplies in the Crown Point online store.

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