“I think art is anything done well. And by ‘well’ I mean ‘great,’ like corn-on-the-cob cooked to the moment of perfection.”

Tom Marioni

“The idea becomes a machine that makes the art.”

Sol LeWitt

"Good painting is often about that moment when things are changing and therefore in motion."

Peter Doig

"As you continue, which you will do, the way to proceed will become apparent."

John Cage

"I am not adverse to gorgeousness at all. I just want it to look like it happened without a struggle."

Mary Heilmann

"I want to make art that makes me question, that derives its power from being vulnerable to interpretation, that is intuitive, that is beautiful."

April Gornik

"Mistakes can’t be erased, but they move you from your present situation."

Richard Diebenkorn

"The self is like a bug. Every time you slap it, it moves to another place."

Pat Steir

"I’m making my drawing in spite of the metal. I think I’m going to make a straight line, and the metal says, 'Oh no you don’t!'”

Richard Diebenkorn

"I want to build off of something that is manmade to get to something that is natural."

Richard Tuttle

Little Red Suckers_2.jpg Wayne Thiebaud, Little Red Suckers, 1971/2014. See more new etchings by Wayne Thiebaud here and visit the gallery to see the prints in person, through March 27, 2015.

This site focuses on the creative process and the art and craft of printmaking, primarily etching. Crown Point Press, founded in 1962, invites artists to work in its in-house etching and photogravure studios for published projects. Crown Point also offers workshops open to all and publishes books on the art and craft of etching and related topics. Located near the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Crown Point bookstore and gallery are open to the public.

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a four-minute film about etching: Wayne Thiebaud 2014

Thiebaud studio 2014.jpgWayne Thiebaud in the Crown Point studio, 2014.

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