Our Magical Secrets site focuses on the creative process and the art and craft of printmaking, primarily etching. Crown Point Press, founded in 1962, invites artists to work in its in-house etching and photogravure studios for published projects. Crown Point also offers workshops open to all and publishes books on the art and craft of etching and related topics. Located near the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Crown Point bookstore and gallery are open to the public.

See "Scratches, Spit and Vinegar", our group show chosen by Ed Ruscha. The show will be up through June 6 in our gallery.

MEHRETU_unclosed.jpgJulie Mehretu, Unclosed, 2007.

Richard Karp, Tom Marioni, Dan Rockmore, Kathan Brown

An Art and Math Panel_laughing.jpgKathan Brown, Dan Rockmore, Tom Marioni, and Richard Karp, Crown Point Press, 2015.

A real-time discussion centering on taste, truth, and fundamental laws as they apply to art and mathematics. Richard Karp is a computer scientist and Turing Award recipient, and Dan Rockmore a writer, mathematician and professor at Dartmouth. Tom Marioni is a pioneer of conceptual art, and Kathan Brown is founding director of the etching workshop Crown Point Press in San Francisco, where the discussion takes place. Watch the video here.

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trio for web.jpgMamma Andersson, Marcel Dzama, and Laura Owens.

Watch these artists and others talk about their experience making prints at Crown Point Press.

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